Cancellation & Refund Policy


Zumr pays special attention to ensure that the written cancellation and refund policy related to cancellations, withdrawals, and suspension is clearly stated for its staff and platform users.

General Rules

Zumr Cancellation & Refund Policy has fair and equitable, clearly defined, and uniformly administered policies for cancellation and Refund. No discriminated treatment shall be applied for any member of Zumr circles. Zumr makes the Cancellation and Refund Policy available and encourages all their users to view it in advance before using any of Zumr services.

Public Circle Memberships

Prior to the circle’s start date, a Public Circle member may cancel their membership and a cancellation fee of 5 OMR will be applied before refunding the member’s admission fee, if any.

Zumr will evaluate the cancellation requests received on or after the circle’s start date on a one-by-one basis. If a cancellation request is approved, Zumr will strive to refund the member's contributions as soon as practically possible. However, Zumr makes no guarantee that members will be refunded prior to the circle's end date. However, the admission fees will not be refunded.

A member cannot cancel their membership after they have received their payout.

Private Circle Memberships

A Closed Circle membership can be canceled only prior to the circle’s start date and subject to the agreement of the other members. The admission fee is non-refundable.


The cancellation terms on this document are specified for Public and Private Circles. For the cancellation policy of a Fund, please refer to the Fund’s terms and conditions.

Cancellation Procedure

To request a membership cancellation, the member needs to contact Zumr support team with all the necessary details. Any refundable amount will be transferred to the bank account number registered by the user during their signup.

Non-Refundable Charges

Only the admission fees and the monthly contributions of the member may be refunded, partially or fully. Other payments, including but not limited to late payment fees and late payout gifts, are non-refundable.


Zumr reserves the right to modify or update these Terms at any time without prior notice. Members are responsible for regularly reviewing the Terms for any changes.