Terms & Conditions

In order to join a money circle, you must:

  • Reside in Oman
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a clear source of income
  • Have an Omani bank account under your name
  • Fill out Know Your Customer forms
  • Authorize Zumr to access your credit report and personal details through the Oman Credit and Financial Information Centre

Public Circle Application Confirmation

Your application to join a money circle will only be processed after agreeing to the terms and conditions, privacy policy and successful payment of the admission fee.

Approval of Circle Membership Applications

Applications to join circles undergo a comprehensive evaluation process conducted by Zumr, which combines the data users have personally provided and the data they have authorized Zumr to retrieve from other approved sources. Zumr reserves the right to reject any membership request based on the result of the assessment. If Zumr determines that a membership cannot be approved for any reason, a full refund of the admission fee paid by the user will be issued.

Monthly Contribution Collection

Zumr collects member contributions via recurring payments, offering a convenient and secure transaction method. Upon joining a money circle, members are required to authorize Zumr to pull their monthly contributions from their bank account. Payments must originate from an account in the member's name, and payments from third-party accounts are not accepted.

Receiving Payout

Zumr will send the payout amount on the agreed time to the member's bank account, provided the member has no pending payments. In a Closed Circle, receiving your payout on time is also subject to having timely payments by all members.

Non Payment after Receiving Payout

Zumr reserves the right to pursue legal action for recovery and report members to the concerned authorities if they fail to pay their monthly contribution for more than 10 days without prior approval from Zumr. Members agree to bear all costs associated and may be banned from using Zumr services in the future.

Closed Money Circles Conflicts

Zumr provides members with the tools necessary to run a closed money circle and assists with the collection and disbursement of funds to the members at the agreed schedule. However, it is the sole responsibility of the circle administrator (i.e., the member who created the circle) to ensure payments are made by all members and to resolve any non-cooperative actions and conflicts arising between members, including issues with non-payments of members after receiving their payouts.

Zumr strongly recommends that you only join a closed money circle if you trust all other members in the circle. As a result, members of closed circles are able to see the names of the other members within the same circle.


Zumr may terminate or suspend a member's account at any time for a violation of these Terms or for any other reason. Members may deactivate their account by contacting Zumr's support team.

Prohibited Activities

Members must not engage in any activities that are illegal, fraudulent, or violate the rights of others while using Zumr's platform and services. Prohibited activities include, but are not limited to, money laundering, terrorism financing, unauthorized access to Zumr's systems, and any activity that could harm Zumr's reputation. Members are encouraged to report any unauthorized transaction, security concern, and beliefs of breaches to this agreement immediately through the available support channels.


Zumr reserves the right to modify or update these Terms at any time without prior notice. Members are responsible for regularly reviewing the Terms for any changes.